Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project: 1/35 Chieftain Mk.11 Progress

A short update on the progress I'm making on this kit.

The first two pictures show the replacement upper hull glued to the Tamiya lower hull. I haven't put on the suspension units yet.

The second picture shows the model at a higher angle, showing off the Accurate Armour hull to better effect. So far I've only glued on a pair of stowage bins.

This next picture shows the turret. So far I've assembled the TOGS unit (the forwardmost component in this shot) as well as the auxiliary power unit on the turret rear, as well as a few stowage bins.

So far the kit is coming together nicely. Some of the pour stubs for the resin components were put in some pretty awkward positions. The TOGS sight in particular was a bear to seperate from its frame. Also, both of the stowage bins on the hull had a sub-surface air bubble right at the pour stub, and removing it caused a corner (on each!) to shatter. Luckily, I recovered the fragment for one and repaired it, and the other stowage bin's flaw is hidden by the hull. Nonetheless, it was a fairly painful process getting these pieces cut out.

Quick comment about assembly. Due to the weight of the parts, I'm using mostly epoxy to assemble the kit, and superglue where it doesn't really matter. For example, the TOGS sight was epoxied onto the turret, but all the stowage bins I simply used super glue.

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