Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project: 1/48 Panther Ausf. G Late Progress

Here is the Panther as it stand now. As can be seen major assembly has been completed as well as painting and decaling. Seen in the forground is one of the Friul tracks, and behind it are a few segments I haven't assembled yet. Missing still are the suspension wheels (still need paint) and machine guns.

For this project I also picked up a set of Hauler engine screens. This is an excellent product, well molded and adds quite a bit to the appearance of the model. They're also quite cheap.

Overall construction of this kit -- despite the metal hull -- was very good, and the level of detail is a notch better than some of the other kits. For example, Tamiya often molds things like small grab handles as a solid component. But on this kit, they're often seperate and thus look much better. Despite all this, the lower hull still suffers from fixed torsion bars and a general lack of detail.

I am also very pleased about how the paint job came out. The photo unfortunately doesn't do it justice, in my opinion, with the colors looking a little off (the green in particular). That being said, I plan on using the same technique on another project (a Tamiya Hetzer) in the near future.

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